About Our Firm

Who We Are

Finlay Parker Holdings, LLC ("FPH") was formed to acquire and grow a select number of companies over the very long term.

FPH was formed as the successor to MidMark Capital. The principals of FPH have spent 20 years deploying a series of private equity partnerships with aggregate capital commitments of more than $300 million. Based on experience gained investing in over 30 platform companies, FPH was formed to take advantage of the best aspects of private equity in a format more conducive to long-term equity appreciation than possible in a traditional private equity structure.  ‚Äč  

Investments made by FPH have the following characteristics:

  • ‚ÄčIndefinite hold period providing robust strategic planning options unconstrained by exit timing or economic cycles.
  • Novel incentive structures aligning medium-term management requirements with long-term ownership goals.
  • Modest leverage allowing for reinvestment of earnings for growth, dividend payments for return on capital, or both.

While we have abandoned those structural aspects of the private equity model which we believe impose limitations on portfolio companies, we nevertheless retain the most compelling aspects of professional ownership. Among these are the following:

  • World class corporate governance policies developed over decades.
  • A disciplined strategic planning process which integrates directly into the portfolio company budgeting calendar.
  • Deep relationships with a roster of proven consultants and service providers which offer skills not typically found in small companies.
  • Unparalleled ability to devise, source and negotiate the most appropriate capital structure.
  • Extensive experience negotiating complicated M&A transactions anywhere in the world.

The application of these skills and others to our portfolio provides our investors with exceptional long-term returns.

FPH currently has net assets under management of approximately $75 million.