What We Do


Investment Criteria

Finlay Parker Holdings, LLC seeks to invest primarily in the following industries:

  • Healthcare services
  • Business services
  • Niche manufacturing

We are actively pursuing businesses with revenues between $5 - 100 million, although we can close larger transactions together with our investment partners.


The attribute of healthcare and business services which we view most favorably is scalability. We seek to indentify robust business models which are working in a limited number of locations and can be expanded both organically and through acquisition.

In the manufacturing world, we seek businesses that have meaningful intellectual property, product lines or brand awareness, rather than those which are simply service providers or metal fabricators.


Global Reach

We will pursue acquisitions in any part of the world, although our preference is for platform companies headquartered within North America and Western Europe.

We encourage inquiries both directly from business owners and from intermediaries.